Almost 800,000 questionnaires completed after the first 5 tests

notizia4 settembre 2023

Almost 800,000 questionnaires completed after the first 5 tests

From September 12, the tests in the Regions and the two Autonomous Provinces will restart


792,611 questionnaires have been filled out after the activities of the first five IT-alert tests carried out between the end of June and the beginning of July 2023 in Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria and Emilia-Romagna: thanks to all the people that dedicated time to answer the proposed questions and participated in the implementation of the new public alert system that Italy is adopting.

90% of the respondents to the questionnaire stated that they received the test message, while the remaining 10% indicated that they did not receive it although they were in the area concerned on the day and at the time of the test.

97% of respondents who received the message stated that they understood it. Of those who indicated that they had received the message correctly, 84% stated that they did not encounter any problem in interacting with the IT-Alert notification, while the remaining 16% reported that the main difficulty they encountered was that the message disappeared after being displayed.

Despite the fact that 86% of the participants confirmed that they heard about the IT-Alert in the days before the testing activities, mainly through social media and the web, a feeling of fright upon receiving the message was still reported by 20%, while 15% said they were surprised. To the question "Did you immediately realise it was an institutional message?" 59% responded positively, while a large proportion of those who completed the questionnaire said they thought it might be a virus.

These contributions are fundamental because they allow us to identify elements that require further work and improve the system overall. Also in relation to the second test phase, which will start on Tuesday 12 September 2023 and will involve all the remaining Regions and the two Autonomous Provinces, everybody who will be in the test area on the scheduled day and time will be asked to answer the questionnaire, to collect their experience too.